Startup Web Design process

Branding & Style

If you don’t have a brand identity yet - or perhaps just a vaguely defined one - we can help you craft one from scratch, or enhance the one you already have.

Content, Structure & Wireframes

Once we know what you want from your website, we can create a rough template. All you have to do is tell us about your product and its benefits. This helps us to set up low-fidelity wireframes for your webpages.

Web Design

We begin designing your homepage, which serves as the master layout for your website. We polish the copy and create simplified product illustrations that communicate your value. Once you’re happy with the main layout, we apply it to the rest of the website.

Web Development

Once the design is approved, your website enters the developmental phase. This is where we translate the designs into a fully functional website using Webflow. This allows us to build fast websites which are easy to scale and secure. It also allows us to create great digital experiences with engaging animations.

Testing & Optimizations

Before it goes live, we make sure that your new website is SEO optimized, as well as desktop and mobile-friendly. All legal pages, content, and other integrations are double-checked. What is more, there is the possibility to add Cloudfare integrations for additional security or create your multilingual website via Weglot.

Approx. duration: 4-12 weeks

Engaging websites require great storytelling

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Here is what our customers say about us

They went above and beyond for us during the brand refresh project.

"It's a rare case when you can not only get incredible results but also enjoy every single stage of a process that's uniquely well-orchestrated and efficient. "

"Customers consistently compliment our logo and branding materials. The Branx's team was efficient, creative, and communicative."

They were very good at setting expectations. We had stages where we would communicate quite a bit, and stages where they needed time to do heads-down design work.

"We love your enthusiasm, creative freedom, and professionalism."

Everyone at Collision event were very fascinated by your work. Choosing you as a partner is one of the best things we've ever done.

"They have not missed a single deadline."

We really appreciate how well-organized they were. For each phase, we knew what to expect from them and what was expected of us. They truly took into account our input and were able to build a visual identity around it that add elements that we could not have thoughts about.

"They were able to comprehend and deliver what we needed."

I was having difficulties finding a startup branding agency since most companies only offer webs design. When I came across The Branx, however, I went with them right away because they were patient and had experience working with several startups.

It's time to level up

The Branx is a strategic design agency. We craft brands, websites, and pretty much anything a startup needs to enter the next growth phase.