Startup branding packages

Every startup has different needs, and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Here is a general overview of our startup packages. However, we are happy to provide you with a solution that is 100% tailored to your specific needs.

Brand Identity
6-8 weeks
Starting at:
How we can help
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity
4-12 weeks
Starting at:
How we can help
Content & Structure
Web Design & Development
Custom Illustrations & Animations
Product / UX UI
2 months to ∞
Starting at:
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User Journeys, Research & Testing
User Experience UX/UI
Design System
1.5-8 weeks
Starting at:
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Motion Graphics
Launch Campaigns
Social Media Designs & Collateral

Getting your brand ready in 12 weeks

Pre-book & PSA
Pre-book & PSA
Week 1-2
Week 1-2
Kick-off & Brand Strategy
During the Research & Discovery phase, we collect all our insights in a shared collaboration tool. We deep dive into the industry, competitors, and users. We'll spend the first week working together to strategize the brand and define its values and personality. This foundational planning will set your business up for success.
Week 2-5
Week 2-5
Brand Identity Development
During this stage, we'll sketch and refine our ideas until we have two, cohesive branding concepts to present to you. This will help you get an overall picture of the brand. Pick your favorite solution, and we’ll work on visual details such as your color palette, typography, graphic shapes, lines, and custom patterns.
Week 5-6
Week 5-6
Website Strategy & Content
Once we know the site's goals, we can further define which pages, features, and integrations the site requires. As you are the expert in your field, we leave you to create the main content for your site, with copywriting assistance here should you need it.
Week 6-11
Week 6-11
Website Design & Development
With the site architecture and content in place, we can start working on the web design. We begin by building the homepage. Only when you are in love with your new digital home do we continue by building the rest of the website in line with the design previously agreed upon. We just love to include unique illustrations and animations that will ensure you a high-end and attractive website.
Week 11-12
Week 11-12
Testing & Optimizations
Last but not least, we'll make sure that your website is SEO-optimized, works glitch-free on mobile and desktop, and that your legal pages have been integrated. After a successful QA testing, your new website is ready to launch.
Launch Communication
Let the world know that you exist! Once everything's working beautifully, it's time to plan and execute the launch of your startup. We can help you with your marketing communication through explainer videos, pitch decks, email marketing, social media toolkits, and more.

Here is what our customers say about us

"They have not missed a single deadline."

We really appreciate how well-organized they were. For each phase, we knew what to expect from them and what was expected of us. They truly took into account our input and were able to build a visual identity around it that add elements that we could not have thoughts about.

Dimitri Kassubeck

Moby Analytics CEO & Founder

Reviewed on

They went above and beyond for us during the brand refresh project.

"It's a rare case when you can not only get incredible results but also enjoy every single stage of a process that's uniquely well-orchestrated and efficient. "

Vlad Akimenko

Placeholder Head of Growth & Analytics

"We love your enthusiasm, creative freedom, and professionalism."

Everyone at Collision event were very fascinated by your work. Choosing you as a partner is one of the best things we've ever done.

Maya Liberman

Impro COO

"As a team, we were very pleased with the open, friendly manners and prompt responses."

Frank Kuhn

Swipergy CEO

Reviewed on

"Customers consistently compliment our logo and branding materials. The Branx's team was efficient, creative, and communicative."

They were very good at setting expectations. We had stages where we would communicate quite a bit, and stages where they needed time to do heads-down design work.

Spriha Tucker

Aviator Co-founder

Reviewed on

"They truly care about our business and our needs. We are impressed by their creative work."

Connie Tai

Instruqt CMO

Reviewed on

"I felt they wanted me to succeed, unlike those other agencies who only wanted to add me to their portfolio."

Sydney Zuckerman

Co-Pilot CEO & Founder

Reviewed on

"Their speed of new ideas and quality of design was most impressive."

Anthony Peake

Intelligent AI CEO

Reviewed on

"The project was a game-changer in terms of our confidence and stepping into a larger role in the industry."

Carly Romeo

LineSlip Marketing Director

Reviewed on

"They really are artistic geniuses!"

Tarik Shaheen

Evolve01 Founder & CEO

Reviewed on

"They did everything possible to make sure we were taken care of."

Anton Boner

Screenloop Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Reviewed on

"They were able to comprehend and deliver what we needed."

I was having difficulties finding a startup branding agency since most companies only offer webs design. When I came across The Branx, however, I went with them right away because they were patient and had experience working with several startups.

Leandro Vaz


Reviewed on

"They asked every question that needed to be asked, and they dealt with every detail of our project."

Max Dordevic

Neuro-X1 CEO

Reviewed on

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer some of the most common questions. If you have further questions please email us.

Why do startups need branding?

Branding is how potential clients or customers perceive your business. In today’s world, people are overwhelmed with choice. They no longer solely buy products or services; they want to buy brands that have experiences, core values, and stories that tap into their emotions.

In our increasingly digitized environment, everybody is vying for the spotlight, and it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to stand out. The only way to be relevant for your users is to stay ahead of the competition by creating an outstanding and unique brand.

How much does startup branding cost?

When we talk about branding, we don't just mean creating a logo. Branding is an integral component of your company. It is the story, the personality, and the essence that expresses your vision. It appeals to your target audience and differentiates you from competitors. A lot of research and work goes into your brand, and all the components we create are fully custom-made and designed according to your needs.

Typically, market prices will range between 20,000-80,000€ according to Techcrunch; nevertheless, our price ranges go from 15.000 to 25.000€, depending on your specific requirements.

Please note that these are approximate price ranges to give you an overall idea. We are happy to receive your inquiry and to provide you with a detailed quote.

How long will it take to complete my project?

The visual branding takes on average 6 weeks, while a website design can take up to 6-8 weeks, depending on the complexity of the website and the content that goes with it. Every project is different so if you have a deadline, please let us know so we can make any adjustments. 

For UX/UI projects we usually start with a minimum engagement time of 8 weeks.

How many design proposals will I get?

Our process is highly collaborative, and when we are working on your branding we normally provide you with two design proposals for you to choose from and two rounds of feedback to improve further the chosen proposal.

What are your payment terms?

Once you are happy with our proposal, we normally require an upfront deposit of 50% to secure your spot in the design queue. The remaining 50% is invoiced upon the finalization of the project once all assets and deliverables are finished.

We accept wire transfers and you can also pay by credit card via Stripe.

How do you manage time zone differences?

Most of our clients are not in our time zone and that's not a problem. We simply adjust our schedules to their time zone as much as we can. Our work hours can extend from 9 am to 7 pm CET. We always manage to find overlaps and run productive meetings.

I'd like to work with you. What do I need to get started?

Super happy to hear that! Please get in touch with us to say hi and tell us about your project. We'll then send through more information about our services, have a video call, and if we are a good fit we will book your project once the deposit has been paid.

Why do startups need websites?

In our increasingly digitized world, the first and foremost thing a customer checks is your website (let's face it, who doesn’t google their crush before going on a date with them?). A website is the digital version of a highstreet store. It’s where you attract customers, sell your products, show people who you are, and demonstrate that you’re serious about what you do. A startup business needs to put emphasis on building a reliable customer base by attracting more customers towards it. By not choosing to build a website, you are missing out on a great marketing opportunity. Lack of online presence or even a poorly designed website can prove to be the difference between enduring as a startup business and sinking without a trail.

What if I don’t like the final result?

Since we work as an extension of your startup team and continuously communicate with you, you play a very active role in the decision-making process. So there are no surprises along the way. As a result, there is usually a zero chance that you don’t like the final delivery unless you were entirely isolated from the communications.

How much does a website for startups cost?

For early stage startups, we recommend a website under 15 k€. You can start out with an initial holding page in order to show the world that you exist, attract investors and talent and build out all other pages later. For startups that already have funding and first traction, we recommend spending between 20-40 k€ on the web design & development and approx. 10% of the annual revenue on promoting your page. Keep in mind that a business website will be the best advertising asset and number 1 salesperson for all companies alike.

It's time to level up

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